Welcome to PN Electrical and Survilance World

From the year 2007, PN Electricals has its reputation in the market as one of the top best companies providing superior quality electrical products and electrical services as well. We offer a very high safety Electrical Annual Maintenance Contract services, electrical contractor, consultancy service, electrical substation installation and many other services which are included electrical and electronics to small scale industries to large scale industries in India.

Our BMS Engineer Certified experienced team from the time of designing your electrical and electronics requirements till the implementation of the complete work. Our team of experts are always with you to help and implement all your needs with the best possible manner. We always accquire the latest technology around the world while designing products and implementing the same with all our services like designing, installation, and up-gradation, maintenance of cable trays, bus ducts, electrical panels, and transformers and so on.

We also provide you an wide range of electronic eye installation and maintenance to make your residence, industry, office a 24/7 electronic eye survilance. We are having a wide range of security cameras at an affroadable cost that will comes under your budget to make your place secured 24/7.

We are highly appreciated by our clients for providing top-class residential, commercial and industrial electric works in India. Our services are not so expensive and can be easily taken by anyone. We give priority to our customer requirements and always work accordingly to fulfill the same within the fixed time duration and offcourse within the estimated cost.


Why us?

  • Skilled and trained workforce
  • Complete Satisfaction
  • Cost Effective
  • Never give you a chance to complain
  • On time completion of your services
  • We are specialize in providing all types of electrical services in residential, commercial and industrial sectors
  • 24/7 Service
  • Clean and Clear Service